October 18, 2006

Congratulations to PLU_Russian from the whole PLU clan!!! Our respected founder is just married

Enjoy the picture of rus and his beautiful wife!

just married

Juli 5th, 2006

Some more news for y'all. Since the last news item 2 member joined our club :) Welcome to Recoil & Juggernaut. And we're all pretty active lately... WG is playing again too ... only good news, now only phal and kami and we're complete! Hope to catch all of you for some games... laterz!

June 20th, 2006

What's up plu buddies? Most of us are inactive lately but I'm playing again since some weeks. Too bad PhalanX is out of internet i haven't seen him in ages, kami and wg either. I've updated the member pages and deleted the old forum posts because nobody was checking them. Hopefully we see eachother again one day :). Me and Rus are still kicking lately!! :) And welcome to our newest member PLU_Rubedo aka Albedo!!! welcome to the clan !

Feb 6th, 2006

Hey Guys, Bad News, my roommate didn't pay the bill and im out of internet. Im unsure when i will be back online, hopefully pretty soon, i miss it already. :( Lucky me i can log from folks place today to let you guys know at least. Take Care till im back.

Dec 25, 2005

Hey Guys, Happy Holidays to all of ya, and Welcome Boost to the clan & party hard this holiday season. =D

July 10, 2005

Welcome Back EliteBash, about time u showed up! :P
Also decided to update the site a little with new links and updated some pages.

July 6, 2005

Hiya Gang, Posting some news to let u know the gang is still alive and Russian is gonna be on for a couple games :)
He's apparantly on a one month vacation. :) Nice to see ur still alive Russ =D (even though it might be for a short time :P )
Wargod is also back and his exams are over. Welcome Back bud :)
On other news, Demon (Foon) wants to come back to PLU and I seemed to have jumped the gun and gave him the tag already without consulting with the elder members.
I am sorry about messing up, but i do feel this is were he belongs ;)
We just now had a quick meeting with Wargod, Russ, Demon, Nuke and me and Demon is back!!! Now lets all have a great summer :)


Decided to play with webby alittle cuz i was bored, eventually i'll learn how to make it cooler ;)
Not much news other than we didnt win the CBL cuz i'm a noob, otherwise the CBL 8 is still going on nicely
(apart from Abe getting ready to blow a gasket) ;)


Ok people, today CBL 8 starts, in 3 weeks PLU will be declared as winners ;)
I hope we will win them PRO's. Not much news beside that so i quit it here, ciao ;)


Greets to our new member, Anni_2k3!
Also decided to play with PhotoShop a little and came up with a new header, enjoy!


Update, I installed ftp prog,as long as i have to copy and change a few words html is easy :) FoonClown left our clan And he is joining PRO probably.


Long time since news, this one is to welcome Soyer to the Team.


Updated Menu Navigation with Buttons!!! Took long enough to make thoses, hope u like it guys ;)


Updated Menu Navigation with background for text links, will eventually replace text links for actual button links. (and maybe something cool for them to interact with news/home section) (I hope) Cleaned some more code errors too :P


We now officially have a forum. Make sure u check it out... register, and say whatever u want... suggestions are always welcome!


Updated the site with more definitive look. Ya ya, i know, still needs work :P


OMG, it's been a long time since last update. Where going to try and make this site as cool as its members!


Ok new site went online but still lots to do


Rus aka Spartak reached a commander rank on PP, everyone send him congratulation emails :P


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