The site of PP/PW client, rankings, our home
Game-client, lots of noobs but you can play lots of games there.
Gaming Zone, you can play TA there and others. Most people there.
Goa Client, french site, no more TA support. Play different games there.
A site where you can get many replays to watch
Total Annihilation Zone | Ultimate Source, one of the most usefull site out there with forums.
Official TA site, not updated since Cavedog died. Now Atari Owns the rights.
The host of PLU clan site, mainly TA news and forums.
Much like TAU, but revolves more on TA Mods.
Friend's Site containing information about TA and Supreme Commander. Look's Familiar, like an extention of PLU site! =D
Nice TA Portal Site. Lots of cool units and packs.
Supreme Commander Official Site, Not much on it yet but keep your eyes open!
Official Supreme Commander Forums at Gas Powered Games.
Supreme Commander Universe. Is to SUPCOM much like TA-U is to TA.
Think you site belongs here ? Let me know!